Maintenance Products

Our company offers a broad range of maintenance products for high quality operation in the process of metal working, cleaning of surface impurities or undesired substances and lubricating of general or special-purpose devices.

We are sorting these in the following groups:
– metal working liquids
– cleaners and degreasers
– lubricants
– special maintenance products

Metal working liquids
This is a broad range of service and specialized products for cutting screws, lubricating, cleaning and anticorrosive protection.

The main advantages of metal working liquids include:
– economical usage concentration
– long service life
– high lubrication and anticorrosive protection
– high bacteriological stability
– high stability in very hard water
– low formation of mist and low frothiness
– the possibility of recycling
– simple removal, and
– dermatological tests

Cleaners and degreasers
There is an immense pressure on industry to limit or even avoid the usage of chemicals depleting ozone. The main offenders in the cleaning industry are trichlorethane and freons.

Our company offers products that contain neither trichlorethane nor freons:
– water soluble cleaners and degreasers and special cleaning devices,
– cleaners and degreasers based on organic compound that do not deplete the ozone.

In order to avoid device breakdowns and unnecessary shut-downs, it is necessary:
– to use an appropriate lubricant
– to apply it in the correct place
– to use the appropriate quantity
– to lubricate at the right time

Our company offers you the following selection of lubricants:
– Liquid
– a basis of mineral oils with a high penetration property and adhesion to surface,
– a basis of synthetic oils, or
– based on animal and plant oils
– Semi-solid – vaselines being virtually oils with the addition of a thickening agent.
– Solid – suspensions of the basic oil with active substances such as graphite, molybdenum sulphite, teflon, zinc oxide, copper, or lead.

Special maintenance products
Most notable advantage of these products is that they are time saving in the maintenance process and being considerate to your equipment:
– Anti-seize pastes are special solid lubricants. They secure a balanced coefficient of friction at the screw connections. They serve for flawless dismantling and assembly of the screw connections even after being in operation for a number of years.
– PTFE tapes and pastes serve for tightening of metallic or plastic threads, piping and screws in a diverse media (liquid or gaseous) environment.
– Shapeable PTFE seals for flange couplings and dividing planes.
– Products for the dismantling of screws, moisture reducers, cleaners of electric components etc.