Nuclear Program

In most cases the technological equipment in nuclear power plant’s primary circuits is made of stainless steel. The tanks which are laid with concrete are lined with stainless flush plating.

During the planned overhauls and subsequent inspections of the stainless flush plating it was found that individual welds had a weld root not welded, leading to the leakage of a liquid medium.

The system of re-packing of welded joints meets the strictly demanding requirements of legislation and of the operation of nuclear power plants.

This system was tested and approved by state authorities of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority and the National Occupational Safety Office as a system of protection of welded stainless joints against leakage of active liquids. This layer coating system of sealing welding joints method is patented and awarded by the Industrial Property of the Slovakia.

Our company offers full warranty and post-warranty service with technical inspections and repairs.

This system:
– is many times resistant to nuclear radiation
– is very easy to decontaminate
– is 100% efficient against leakage of active liquids
– minimizes the time required for repair of joint leakages
– is unusually compact and in case the base material peels off the resin does not fall off or contaminate the environment.

Our company offers to you:
– Inspection of the original state of the stainless flush plating
– Elaboration of technical documentation and of the project
– Implementation in non-stop operation in multiple shifts of highly qualified staff
– Continuous control of the quality of work implemented
– Independent inspections focused on efficiency of re-sealing
– Elaboration of supplied technical documentation
– Formulation of final test protocols

Between 1999 – 2009 Chestreal accomplished ca 5050bm of welding joint sealing and treated ca 3000m2 of stainless surface in the primary circuits of nuclear power plants.