On the company

CHESTREAL PROGRESS, a.s. Company is a company that continues and makes progress in the successful tradition of the company Chestreal, a.s. founded in 1996; in course of the period of its business, the Company became a reliable and professional partner for all industrial branches of HVAC, machinery and construction maintenance. For the Company, its many years’ success mean for our clients a guaranty of using best quality materials, proven technological procedures and processes that worldwide belong to top class in the field of environmental maintenance of industrial premises and equipment.

When maintenance problems occur, we offer ‒ with our highly qualified staff ‒ the following:

• state-of-the-matters analyses;
• choice of financially and technologically optimum solutions;
• working out of such technological procedures that take costs optimisation into consideration;
• working out of both technological and planning documentations;
• execution of works;
• supply of quality, proven and certified materials and products;
• processing of accompanying dossiers;
• warranty in respect of supplied products and materials as well as of executed works;
• warranty and post-warranty services

The following divisions ensure our business:

• HVAC Division;
• Concrete Protection Division;
• Metals Protection Division.

HVAC Division ensures products and services, before all through Germany based Camfil Company, which belongs to world-wide top in the field of offering services of air-filtration solutions in all industrial branches, including nuclear power plants.

In remediation of concrete structures and floor, Concrete Protection Division offers the following services:

– Concrete structures reprofiling and insulation are intended to seal concrete against the penetration of liquids and gases and ‒ at the same time ‒ to enable concrete to get rid of residual moisture in deteriorated concrete structures.
– Secondary protection of concrete structures and floors in the way of coating and pouring aimed to improve physico-mechanical and esthetical properties as well as resistance o mechanical load and chemical influences; repairs and insulation of extension joints between concrete blocks.

Metals Protection Division offers the state-of-the-art and the most effective activities to repair and to protect metals from adverse effects of corrosion, erosion, abrasion, cavitation, and chemicals. In this domain and from a long-term view, a substantial part mechanical and technological equipment maintenance costs can be economised.