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Dust-Free Blasting technology “SPONGE-JET”

Numerous technologies use blasting for preparation of surfaces mainly during machine and construction maintenance and before application of final coat protection. Sponge-Jet replaces less effective technologies such as conventional abrasive blasting, power or mechanical tooling, high pressure water blasting and slurry blasting with high-quality Sponge Media restoration, cleaning and profiling abrasives with the possibility of abrasive media recycling.

Using this clean, dry and low-dust method reduces:
– 90% of dust
– 90% of rebound
– 90% of waste

The whole system is composed of:
– feeding unit
– media classifier
– abrasive media
– compressed air

A pneumatic control panel provides precise adjustment of blasting pressure and media feed rate inducted to the blasting stream.The blasted media is collected and processed through either electric or pneumatic classifiers. Up to 94% of the sponge media abrasives are reusable after each blast cycle.For the most efficient and cost-effective blasting, it is necessary to use proper abrasive media, that are distinguished by different colors.

The following surfaces may be Sponge-Jet blasted:
stainless steel
– construction steel
– concrete
– alluminum
– non-ferrous and colored metals
– ceramics
– wood
– plastics

The main advantages of this technology include:
– during the impact collision energy gets absorbed by abrasive media. Media particles remove the coating and contaminants and produce a surface profile,
– abrasives entrap most of what would under normal conditions have become air-borne dust
– there is no static electricity created on the surface
– low media rebound and simple casing of working area
– the possibility for other activities in proximity to the blasting area
– lower occurrence of accidents and staff fatigue
– lower volume of media used due to its recycling
– lower shipping costs
– lower waste disposal costs
– generally lower working expenses

Usage of this blasting technology is possible in all industrial branches.

Our company offers you:
– service and consulting along with required work
– subcontractor services in engineering and civil building reconstruction
– leasing of this blasting technology system
– sale of Sponge-Jet system & equipment