Metal Protection

Protection of Metal Structures and Machine and Technological Devices

Repair and protection of metals against corrosion, erosion, abrasion, cavitation and chemical effects is one of the most progressive and effective activities of our company. The use of polymercomposite materials is the most effective way how to protect metals against the mentioned negative effects.

In this area, from the long-term perspective, it is possible to save the majority of means at the maintenance of machinery and technological equipment. A progressive method of protection of metal materials by polymercomposites fully substitutes previous methods as gumming, lamination, application of coatings with short life and so on. Contrary to lamination, polymercomposites are characterized by adhesion to a material, which is several times higher, which is valid also for characteristics of tensile strength, pressure in bend, so no spalling or tearing occur at higher pressures or any other mechanical load.

The life of this material exceeds the life of original material several times; the company usually offers a minimum guarantee period of 5 years. The lifetime of such a material is estimated to 10 – 12 years.

Our company has repaired ten thousands square meters using this technology. Effectiveness has been increased and costs for routine maintenance during periodical shutdowns of production have been reduced. With the use of polymercomposites, the surface has high resistance against negative effects causing degradation of metals after it has been reconditioned. A high bright surface reduces frictional resistance, improves flow of liquids and efficiency of pumps.

There are examples of many areas of use:

  • tanks for chemicals and other products with pH of 1 – 14, condensing tanks for turbine generators in the area of power engineering,
  • pipelines, tanks, welds of tanks made of stainless steel in primary circuits of nuclear power stations, silos for fly ash or concrete, vacuum pumps, moving wheels, reaction vessels, spiral pumps,
  • heat exchangers, exhaust pipelines for gases, fans, chimneys,
  • for external structures, as coatings of tanks, structures in highly loaded environment, structures demanding protection against UV radiation,
  • special applications in area extremely loaded with cavitations and abrasive effect of a flowing medium, as for example drives for blades of turbines and pumps of various sizes and diameters, draft-tubes and other parts of pumping systems.

A multilayer coatings for protection of devices and metal structures against corrosion can be applied also in extremely corrosive environment or for difficult, wet, permanently wet conditions, as ships, equipment in docks, bridges, pressure pipelines, holding vats exposed to atmospheric conditions and others.