Sealing Program

The long-term flawless operation of technological production equipment is one of the most important tasks to be resolved. The modern industrial factories have in operation thousands of fitting nodes. On the basis of long-term statistics, up to 80% of cases of in production interruption are caused by failures of packing nodes.

To achieve a long-term smooth operation of technological equipment an analysis of the condition of packing nodes is necessary, followed by preventive tightening of problematic nodes.

To achieve this goal, the usage of high-quality ecological materials with a long service time is needed.

Our company offers you these solutions in cooperation with well-known and market leading international producers of packing materials.

Sortiment consist of:

Our broad selection of packing cords will be selected in accordance with the operation conditions of the equipment.

Flat packing rings:
These are produced in accordance with exact equipment requirements given directly by the maintenance staff. The range of available materials as well as dimensions allows the coverage of virtually all industries.

Flat gaskets:
Secure perfect packing of dismountable joints. New materials and technical knowhow allow to accomplish guaranteed packing and a leak free joint for a calculated period of time. They may be divided by the packing materials used:
– made of organic material with inorganic fillings (fibrous-elastomeric)
– made of elastic graphite and carbon fiber
– made of PTFE, expanded PTFE and silicon fibers

Kammprofile gaskets
These new generation gaskets utilize on the physical-chemical properties of expanded graphite layer. Varying combinations of serrated metal core profile with appropriate thickness of graphite foil ensure characteristics which make this gasket suitable for high media pressure applications. It has practically unlimited re-usability by relayering with specified graphite foil. Low seating stress value and high upper limit of the gasket stress, high chemical and temperature resistance, guarantees universal application for most parameters in field of conventional „soft“ gaskets to metallic gaskets application field. These gaskets are also used in most critical exposed joints of primary circuit in Nuclear Power Plants. The modified kammprofile gasket with the use of asbestos free gasket Frenzelit® allows the use in oil systems and which makes this gasket suitable for sealing of volatile and intensely permeating media such as hydrocarbons, oils, dissolvents etc. Thanks to appropriate combination of serrated core profile with layer thickness, serrations will not cut through the layer in the entire range of applicable gasket stress.

Mechanical Seals
Rotating fitting nodes, i.e. pumps and stirrers represent a critical element of production sites. An array of mechanical seals offers you an optimal solution for your problems with the media leakage or pollution of the environment. Mechanical seals also shorten the time of a planned shut-down and prolong the mean time between repairs.

Throat Bushing Spiral Trac™
This unique patented solution uses hydraulic power impact in a sealing chamber for immediate removal of all solids and allows for the operation of a pump without applying flush or with a minimum flush.

The Live Loading System
For packing of the fitting spindle it is necessary to fill a constructor-defined deep stuffing box chamber. At present, it is necessary to use 8 to 22 fitting rings. The new fitting method uses a significantly lower number of components. Usage of the Live Loading sealing system prevents leakage of the fittings, increases their operational reliability, lowers friction of the spindle and provides guaranteed tightness for an exactly defined period of time, which currently spans up to 8 years.

Pump Injection System
The pump injection system is a novelty in the field of rotation equipment sealings. This system is applied mostly in the food industry, delivery of drinking and technical water, pumping of waste water, and condensate in the pulp mill industry. The advantage of this system is the possibility to seal a pump without the need of a shutdown.